Being ContentPosted on: January 19, 2013

In the tech world, there’s always something new and awesome to learn… a new language, the latest JS/CSS library, new methodologies… it all gets a little hard to keep up with to be honest!

It’s way too easy to get caught up in the rush to learn all these new things and I recently found myself thinking just that. I had no particular reason at all, and it led me to consider things a bit.

Being a family man with an 11 month old son, having a few side projects, and being involved in non-work things, I don’t really have time to learn all this stuff. “But if you really wanted to, you would make time…” I hear you, and yes, I would make time for it. That’s just the thing I realised… I don’t want to spend time learning some complicated new thing right now. I’m content with my front-end dev and I have enough going on within the scope of that to keep me quite busy.

I’m content within what I do, and that’s ok. If I’m going to spend extra time on stuff, I’d rather spend it refining my craft, improving side projects, or trying to contribute to open source projects.

Note: I’m not saying learning something new is bad. Not at all. What’s bad is the feeling that if you’re not on top of all the latest trends that you’re not trying hard enough. I’ve come to learn that there’s always more to learn within your craft and more often than not your time would be better spent improving what you already know.