Finally! A Gif Workflow Companion app for AndroidPosted on: August 27, 2014

I got sick of not being able to share gifs while on my phone so I decided to learn a new skill while at the same time scratching my own itch. Allow me to introduce my first Android app:

Gif Workflow Companion Screenshot

If you've read my previous post, you'll know that I've also added an obfuscation step to my version of @destroytoday's workflow so this is naturally rolled into it as well.

It's probably far from perfect, but it does the job perfectly for me. A quick overview of the features:

  • Ready to search as soon as the app opens.
  • Tap on the result you want to immediately choose where to share the link to the image.
  • Tap and hold to copy the link to your clipboard.
  • Upload images right from your phone by using the (+) button
  • Upload images using Android's built in Share functionality by sharing either images themselves, or valid image urls with the app.

Next on my list is creating a version that properly uses Android's latest Material Design changes - and I mean specifically in terms of using the new APIs since I've mostly tried to make the app Material Design-ey anyway.

So... introductions and explanations aside, you can get it here:

Get it on Google Play

Gah! Why the Ads?

Quite simply: because I put a lot of hard work into this and I didn't want to put the entire app behind a pay wall.

I'm in the process of figuring out how to add an in app purchase to remove the ads that will only cost a few pence/cents/insert-pocket-change-of-local-currency-here.