2019-01-28 TWILPosted on: January 28, 2019

This Week I Learned

  • It's "you've got another think coming": https://www.theguardian.com/media/mind-your-language/2014/nov/18/mind-your-language-another-think

    Mind Blown gif

  • If you use git commit -m you can specify -m a second time, to provide more detail description e.g. git commit -m "Commit title here" -m "Commit description here" Git will join them together with a newline between them.

  • Wookiee is spelled with two e's.

  • Turns out that packing away your bluetooth keyboard and trackpad without switching them off generates fairly secure passwords:

    A post I apparently made on Slack at work while packing my stuff into my bag containing a random set of characters.

On a more serious note about password generation, and this isn't a sponsored post or anything, but I can't recommend Enpass enough. It's foolish in this day and age to not be using a password manager and this one is great. Go get it!