2019-05-13 TWILPosted on: May 13, 2019

This Week I Learned

  • You can use offsetParent to determine whether an element is visible or not using JS. https://stackoverflow.com/a/21696585

  • Adding [skip ci] in your commit message will make PRs not get built in Circle.

  • Vulcanised Rubber (used in tyres or the soles of most shoes) is one big molecule and - like most good things - it was discovered by accident: https://pslc.ws/macrog/exp/rubber/sepisode/spill.htm

  • I've always heard about how amazing chicken salt is from Aussies and only just found out that that's what GBK's Hei Hei Salt is:

    Heihei is "a Māori word and literally means noise, disturbance, storm, dust; in modern usage, it can also mean fowl. " > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hei_Hei

Emphasis mine.